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That “other” Woman 2

I started praying for ‘my future partner’ since I was about 12 years old.  I am talking practically daily… yeah, right?  I went to a Missionary boarding school for girls and that was a prayer point which came up at every assembly … I know!!!! We had assembly every day of the week, not to mention church service morning and evening, weekly bible studies etc …and I thank God for it …. now.  I took marriage and children to be a given.  It is what happens when you grow up isn’t it?  Backed up by my dad’s, ‘work hard, pass Maths and English especially, go to the University, then get a job; be a successful young lady and you won’t have any problems settling down in a good home’, I was going to be fine.
Then as I was working hard, I started waiting for Mr Right, waiting, waiting and waiting…  I was very shy etc so burying myself in school work and Christian activities etc was fine by me but it got to a stage that while rounding up University I started looking around me; noting the girls that were ‘going out’ with so and so and some of the relationships seemed even serious, errr…. then I started attending weddings etc I was now thinking, is there something wrong with me?  Should I dress differently, act differently, go the extra mile i.e. break the accepted ‘good girl runs’ in my bid to get the right guy?, ‘Tush up’? … (I know I ‘bone face’ a lot but it was a coping mechanism for shyness).
Anyway, after soul searching during this period, by the grace of God, I came to the conclusion that I was OK, there was nothing wrong with me and any man that I ended up with would have to consider me worth the effort (see the treasure in me), that I would not have to strive or fight to be in or keep the relationship.  This was my prayer.  I did not want to have to fight for attention or love or convince him that I was worth it, it was not something that came naturally to me.  He would  need to do the fighting  in my case.  God gave me a peace and confidence which has stayed with me till date. I know that God builds a home; He works things out.
It wasn’t that there were no toasters….
To be continued,
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