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This March –  #Me too

If the first time you had sex was on your wedding night (highly recommended and possible ) or perhaps at your own free will , you may appreciate to some extent what we are talking about this month. For some others, that experience is foreign and I dare say that the eleven-year-old girl who was raped and became pregnant by her grandmother’s partner in Argentina recently is another extreme of the spectrum and in between these two are several variations that is the experience of most people.

The choice of giving yourself to someone by your own free will and because you felt it was necessary and part of an expression of your love to the one you choose is priceless. But not everyone had the freedom to make this choice. Several people had their voice silenced in the process and still, unfortunately, suffer from the scars of the abuse of being violated. Some were fortunate enough to be rescued before it happened and there are many variations of the sex rape story which sometimes can be annoying, especially as we sometimes see some clear cut invitations changed and the perpetrators begin to cry wolf.

Although not restricted to the womenfolk, sex crimes and violation have usually been committed against women and since this month is the month where we celebrate the International Women’s  day March 8th (#BalanceforBetter) and Mother’s day in the United Kingdom, March 31st, we @ Dishusbandmata decided  to share our stories of some of the escapes/near escapades and encounters with rape. When women suffer any form of abuse, it does affect their balance.

The goal of these series is not in any way to minimize what happened to you but to encourage you with the stories of others, to move forward and not allow your life to be defined by what happened.  These series might also bring back memories with some emotions that could be worrying and cause you to cry over what was stolen from you and although the innocence can never be retrieved, living beyond the event is a choice only you can make.

There might also be a need for further counselling and if you do need a listening ear or feel  like sharing your story, kindly email info@dishusbandmata.com


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