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Weird Proposals 2

I was on “Linked In” the other day and read about a  proposal a pilot made to his fiancee .

It was on a certain flight (he planned it ,on the same flight  they met ) and began his announcement from the cockpit .

He praised his fiancee highlighting  how she had been very encouraging and instrumental to his progress and his career as a pilot .

He asked some passengers to  pick something in front of their seats and then actually told her to look behind her .He had gotten some fellow passengers to hold placards that said, ‘”will you marry me ?” ,when she turned around ,he was on one knee in front of her .

What was especially striking to me was the effort he had put into the proposal, ensuring that everything he included was significant . He  made sure that she was sitting in the same seat on the flight that she sat on when they first met .He actually confessed to her for the first time that he had tipped off the original passenger who was sat by her to exchange seats so that he could see her. Something about seeing her for the first time took his breath away .

I was very impressed about his thoughtfulness and of course, he got a positive answer .

But compare this to the above proposal in the picture where the guy obviously has an attitude.

One of the things ladies tell me when they are not considering a guy who appears interested is the fact that the guy is acting like he is doing her a favour .And this comes across in many ways.

Like the guy above ,since you have such glorious future for yourself, do you recognize that you have a need for help and it would be a privilege to you for this person to agree to partner with you .

A proposal should help to boost in a way the person’s self – esteem and not the other way round .The latter quickly brings out a negative answer .

Did you ever have someone who could have received a positive answer but the manner and the timing of the proposal made matters turn south ?

We would be glad to hear about it & if you are thinking of making a proposal, make sure you read next week’s post also .


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