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Weird Proposals 3

When it comes to proposals,sometimes they go south because they have been done too early

And then the question comes on how early is too early ?

I say it actually depends .I know someone who proposed to his wife two weeks after they met . They were on a date and he asked her to marry him .She asked him “when?”.and then he told her ,give me an answer first and then we will work the details out .Of course ,it takes someone who is tryout convinced and know what they are looking for ,especially with the ability to recognize it and almost twenty years later ,they are still together .

I know someone else who did a proposal two weeks after meeting the person and got a “yes” and even put a ring on it .But as things progressed , the “yes” eventually became no.

But sometimes ,a proposal could be rushed out of insecurity.Some people lovebambard others and quickly make a proposal before they have actually gotten to know the other person .

I also think that sometimes having a proposal in public might not be the greatest of ideas Some guys have done this knowing that doing so in private may have brought a negative response

I know of someone who was proposed to at her work place. The guy came and did the usual getting on one knee with everyone cheering on .

Although she didn’t really want too because she was not feeling right about the state of the relationship, she said yes and they eventually got married. Sadly the marriage ended in a divorce  not too long after it was contracted.

So as you consider making a proposal, perhaps we should take a step backward and really question our motive because there are also some others who even after being asked in private, insist on the public “down on one knee” which may not really suit their partners .

I would classify that as a wired proposal as there was no need for the proposal. A proposal should not be used as a cover up or smokescreen of relationship issues If there are issues in the relationship ,this must be addressed first so that the foundation building blocks are clear .

Some people actually propose after a betrayal in a bid to reassure their partners and avoid  the need for explanation but honestly ,a proposal should be an outflow of a good relationship where you come to a place of “I can’t see my life without this person” and the essence of a proposal should convey this truth not that you are doing the person a favour like in the proposal I shared last week .


However if you are thinking of making a proposal, take the time to plan to do it lovingly and thoughtfully especially in line with your partner’s  temperament and preferences. The proposal should not be about you but about her ,so you can get a most favourable answer .

Sending our congratulations in advance


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