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What men want …2

It seems like after the question of how we look was raised , the men shifted to how where we live looks.Bedroom matters came next…

“Unfortunately, the bedroom we share starts to look more feminine over time. We men sometimes wish we had our own man cave/bedroom; but for the sake of peace….

Have you seen that scene in ‘How to lose a guy in 10 days’ where Matthew M goes into his bathroom cabinet and sees tampons and shaving stuff and everything girly he never thought he would see in his personal space? That’s the picture I got when I heard this comment.   I laughed when I watched that film years ago but the message kinda stayed with me.

It is true that we have to make certain adjustments in the “becoming one” process, but ladies, please try not to be selfish.  While the saying ‘happy wife, happy life’ is largely true, don’t think that you are the only person who has to be happy.  For example, why must your bed sheets still be flowery pink? Or your curtains be duck yellow and ocean blue? Or your hair products be found in every corner of the house?  Or your shoes and socks be where they are not supposed to be?  In my dream house, I have a room for me and my husband has a large study where he can ‘just be’.  My mother and her peers would scream at the notion of ‘having your own room’, but there is some sense in why our forefathers had a room to themselves and each wife had her own quarters.  For some women, a walk-in-wardrobe would probably fit the bill. In our modern-day houses, let your bedroom be a reflection of you as a couple and not just you as a wife!

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