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What Men want …4

We women generally love to talk and it’s not surprising that the men had something to say around this issue.

“It’s very insensitive when wives talk bad about their in-laws in the presence of the husband.  That hurts deep.”

This is a word for all of us and not just women; however, women seem to have mastered the weapon known as the tongue, a bit more than the men.  There are a few characters in this drama so everyone should listen up! In most cases the in-law(s) who is the subject of the matter tends to be female so only God knows what she said or did to warrant this ‘bad talk’ from wifey.

Words are powerful, but once uttered are irretrievable. Even if what we are saying is the truth, good relationship skills  demand that we  should  not bad-mouth our in-laws or anyone else for that matter, not even in the name of openness.

There are respectful ways to speak to our spouses about their family and it is wise to tread cautiously whenever the occasion arises.

Also because the wonderful institution of marriage can confer the name “in-law” to almost everyone, we all need to respect the boundaries of marriage. There is no excuse for interference with our words or actions after a couple has tied the knot.

While we all need to respect the Mother-Son relationship, I believe that all husbands especially need to remember   that  Wife should come before Mother once you have said ‘I Do’.

This husband said ‘that hurts deep’.  Not many people will admit to this and if this becomes our norm, it can easily lead to bitterness, so we all have to apply wisdom.


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