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What Men want…..5

There is something that evokes the depth of our emotion when we see someone  crying and one husband comments

“Men can be hurt and cry privately in their own way sometimes.

I gave this point a bit of thought and I would say this also goes out to both genders.  To the guys, it’s okay to cry when the need arises.  Sometimes you are hit with a tornado of an issue, and it takes everything inside you – and more, to keep your head above the waves.  One of the husbands I spoke to shared how he had cried on a few occasions openly and his wife just held him in her arms.  That action alone increased his love for her in ways he could not fathom.

And for us ladies, although our men are our heroes,we should remember   that they are still human. Jesus wept and it was not counted as weakness but as strength.  So, even if we  never saw our Dads, or Uncle sor Grandfathesr cry over anything – except death – it does not mean all men are happy to hold-it-in all the time.

A husband should feel free to express vulnerability in the presence of his wife or in his own private space, without losing respect from her.

Giving our men the freedom to share their vulnerability without the fear of ridicule, judgement or scorn would bring u a new depth  of closeness in our relationships. In other words, let the men be.

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