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I thoroughly enjoy the idea of reporting the news.  Journalism was a career option but I didn’t know how I would make that work in Nigeria so I pursued a different dream; but I have always loved the idea of sharing a story, especially when its not mine!  So, an opportunity to report on what husbands would like wives to know was something I couldn’t pass-up.  For this article, I spoke to a range of husbands and from their feedback, I have picked a few pointers to share:

I wish wives would make an effort on their appearance while indoors.  We men appreciate things through sight. 

In our defense dear husbands, we are at home. Before marriage, we had the liberty to look however we want in the privacy of our bedrooms and then when it was time to be seen by anyone outside the immediate family, we put on our armour and looked the part.  Now we are married, we share that private space with our husband and we really want to feel naked and unashamed, which is why it seems like no effort is being made.

However, if you know you are guilty of this offense as a wife, please repent. I pray that we will be delivered from the spirit of wigs as this particular invention has made matters worse! Even if you are not going anywhere that day, please look presentable; a little powder and lip gloss can give you a quick face lift.  I tend to repeat clothes while at home as many of us do (tell the truth), but once you have cooked or done some heavy work, please don’t wear the same thing the next day.  Be conscious of odours no matter how faint they seem. Brush or comb your hair, or tie a light scarf and add some simple earrings which the baby will not pull out. You will feel sexy without even trying too hard. And husbands please don’t forget to compliment us when we make this effort because it is truly a sacrifice on our part. Selah!



Ps:I will be back with more tomorrow

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