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    “The Perfect Picture” reloaded

    One of the signs of a good book is the ability to enjoy it over and over again .  Some  of our artiles have been voted as most read and mostloved and some readers have suggested we put those  articles in a categor  “Timeless stories” and periodically publish them again. The article below is one of them which I believe is great for us to reread especially as  we are  almost 2 weeks away fro m Christmas .Enjoy I recently started a new job and am still in the process of knowing everybody. It is almost two weeks now but I still seem to be meeting new people daily. Just…

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    Everyone Has a Tap

      I have been doing a series of teaching on a Bible character, Abraham. I do not know how familiar you are with his story but he sure teaches us a lot of things. While sharing with my girlfriend on the progress of my lesson, she shared her own experience as she tried to relate the story of Abraham to the 0-4 years old  class she teaches. So  God told Abraham to leave his father and mother and go to the land he will show him. But that is not nice, one of the youngsters objected, how can God say Abraham should leave his daddy and his mummy ? She…

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    Watching Closely

    I used to baby suit a  five year old girl whose parents were divorced. I had never met the mother but worked for the  father whose job as a  night club bouncer meant he had to make arrangements for the child during the contact weekends she had with him. This child was quite easy going and chatty. One of the days , we got into a conversation and she was telling me about how her mother’s car broke down and her father had driven to meet them where they were. He tried to sort out the ex-wife’s  car but eventually took his daughter and ex-wife  to where they were going.…

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    After the Break Up

      How do you know when it is time to “let it go”? We experience various scenarios when it comes to relationship dynamics, which can get a little bit confusing. I mean being on our own can be complicated at best, then we add other people to the mix and that just creates a whole lot of drama! Now, I’ve heard people say that breakups usually happen for one of three reasons. Number one, you find yourself in a happy relationship and the other person just decides it’s over. Number two, you find yourself in a toxic relationship and you just have to leave. And finally number three, it just…

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    From Now – Till Then

    Dear Amrita, Happy Birthday to you – future me!!! Yep it’s a brand-new year for you and I hope you have had a lot of excitement in the past 10 years. Yes, this is Amrita from ten years ago.   What’s the world like these days?  I hope it is not too weird reading from your past self.  I’m writing down some goals for this year and the next ten years, so I wanted to have something to remind me of what I’ve written. Let me remind you about where things stand for me at present.  I had a really good education and I completed my Masters over 5yrs ago (that…

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    Money Talks

    When I was growing up, my Dad ran a very successful business and Mum worked at home; okay I would have said a stay-at-home Mum, but I have never been comfortable using that phrase to describe Mum because it somewhat has a way of conjuring a mental picture of a woman who is home all day doing nothing or watching TV – well just throw in a few chores. Okay back to Mum. The phrase just doesn’t suit her. She had nine kids to bring up, two or more extended family per time living with her, and several others dropping in to visit, or spend a few days or weeks…

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    Show me the money

    I don’t know about you, but I’ve never thought of myself as one to waste money. I mean, I’m a self proclaimed bargain hunter. But when does it stop being about spending wisely, and starts being about trying to stop yourself from buying everything you don’t need? Any one else know what I mean?  The problem is I find those “sale” prices. EVERY TIME! And then I end up feeling pressured, by myself no less, into buying everything. Towards the end of 2018, I realized something had to change. Because I had new responsibilities, like paying rent for the house I’d just moved in to, I ended up being more…

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    Go and ask your Father!

    I enjoyed the car ride to our shopping destinations and loved window shopping, I just did not understand why mum was sometimes grumpy whilst shopping.  Most of the time she did not want you tagging along but at the slightest opportunity, we would happily grab our shoes and sit in the front seat of the car looking out of the window and dreaming about being able to go out by ourselves. The only time you were allowed to chip in is when you go out Christmas clothes shopping.  “Which colour do you prefer”?  At many stops she would say ‘wait for me in the car’, there was one year we waited…

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    NEW may mean change

      There is a  Family Tradition that holds every last day of the Year in my birth home. The day  is usually filled with prayers of Thanksgiving  for the ending year & requests for the coming year. It is one tradition that we(my brothers and I) somehow did not grumble much  about, because  though it meant being without food for most of the day,iit also meant  doing  the  least possible house work while remaining indoors . I cannot remember when it started but it has always been and ever before the era of mobile phones, myself and my siblings  all had to be  present physically  to participate. But over the…

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    Survey Time-Determined to serve you better

    So dear readers, we have finally made it to the last day of the year and with a sense of gratitude for your patronage throughout the year, really want to appreciate you all specially . We would like you to know we do not take it for granted that you visit and read  this blog. Neither do we take your shares, word of mouth testimony or even your comments on the blog, not to mention the many several texts  you send appreciating the work we do . Our passion is real as it breaks our heart over and over again to see people suffer because of the unhealthy relationships . …

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