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    The Escape and the ‘Adieus’

    Here’s a conversation between old classmates from a sitcom I watched a few years ago. “You stole my boyfriend! You stole the life I could have had! I had a good thing going and you just came in, offering what I couldn’t give him, and you took him away from me!!!” “Yes, I did, and I took the AIDS he should have given to you as well!!!”  And then there was silence. Hindsight is an amazing gift.  That moment when you realise how close you came to making a huge mess of things – priceless. In some cases, you might even want to thank the person who took the bullet…

  • By Gracilis,  LOT

    Kids got it too

    When Gary Chapman wrote his book ‘The Five Love Languages’ several years ago, it caused a lot of sensation, and brought a new vibrancy to several relationships. Fast forward down the years, out of that book has grown several other ways of looking at the love language up to looking at the love language for children and the love language in work places. I for one, has seen the love language can work in any situation. I have a nephew who like his cousins is usually urged at the end of his conversation with me to say “I love you”. I usually expect these reminders  whenever I speak to my…

  • Friendship,  Relationship skills,  Timeless Stories

    Letting it go

    Learning to let go comes to us all as we grow older. The better you are at letting go the more at peace you will be with yourself and the more time you will have to yourself for your self to figure out the person you need to be and to appreciate the people God brings your way who genuinely want to walk this way called life with you. Some relationships are meant to be lifelong like the relationship between husband and wife, children and parents, siblings etc our family ties. Those relationships are worth fighting for, keep on keeping on. as long as it depends on you. The thing…

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