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    Keep at IT

    My daughter had a sudden break out of acne. It was everywhere. I mean everywhere on her face. And so I asked her about the activated charcoal soap I gave, she smiled and said it’s there🤦🤦. Am learning to ask teenagers more direct questions 🙄🙄🙄. So I said “are you using it?” She started laughing. I guess we all know the answer. She wasn’t using it. So I gave her mine. By the next day, she walked up to me very excited and said “mummy, it clearing”. I rolled my eyes and said “Duhh” (yes, sometimes I speak in their language 😁) But 2 days later, no progress on the…

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    Keep Talking

      Even though his birthday had passed, for some unexplainable reason, my son was singing “it’s my birthday, am gonna do what I like, am gonna eat what I like, everybody loves me, it’s my birthday” As usual his twin sister got irritated and said” it’s not your birthday”. He said ” ehnn, leave me” And he kept singing. Moments later she said “you can’t do what you like” He said ” maybe you can’t but I can” And he kept on singing. She said “not everybody loves you” At this point, he didn’t even bother to reply, he just kept singing. Much louder this time. Got to a stage…

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    Do the work

    Over the long weekend, my children were going through my phone and I heard some noise. So I asked, “what’s are you looking for in my phone” My daughter said “I can’t find any video of myself dancing but I have seen my brother’s own”. I collected the phone dreading how she was going to say I prefer her brother. When I got the phone back and watched the video, I clearly remembered the day I took the video. I was trying out a new filter and I begged them to dance. She refused. He didn’t. In fact he danced and danced and danced. Goes to say I had about…

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    Finding joy wherever

    My second son has always been a bundle of joy. He keeps playing, and having fun even when things don’t look good. You see, he struggles with his health and with his academics. The difference is very obvious especially since his twin seems to be so good academically and rarely falls ill. He doesn’t say much but I know that he feels bad everytime she gets one more prize or award. But last week his time came. His school had been practicing for interhouse sports and he was representing Green House. On the very last week, he was told to switch to his sister’s house (topaz) This meant he lost…

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    Know your worth

    My son asked his sister to go and get him a glass of water. She turned and said “why?” Him: Because I am older than you. She : which kind older? Is it not just with 1 minute.? Him: Even though, it’s still something. I am your senior. 😂😂😂😂😂. So I am asking you if you are confident in your position in Christ Jesus. Do you know, you have been called the sons of God? My son knows he’s entitled to some level of respect, even if his sister doesn’t think him important enough. Are you boldly standing on the fact that the owner of the whole universe is your…

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    Where is Santa ?

    On Christmas Day, I called one of our writers here at Dishusbandmata as I happen to be the godmother of her last children – a  set of three-year-old twins. I wanted to find out how the children received their Christmas gifts (no, I didn’t buy them ). She (Himo) told me that the girl twin ran to her and asked excitedly “Mummy, where is Santa? I want to thank him “ I could picture the moment but wondered if I could actually partake of it  so  I asked my friend if she recorded it and she replied in the negative  as the child had run into the kitchen while she…

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    Kids got it too

    When Gary Chapman wrote his book ‘The Five Love Languages’ several years ago, it caused a lot of sensation, and brought a new vibrancy to several relationships. Fast forward down the years, out of that book has grown several other ways of looking at the love language up to looking at the love language for children and the love language in work places. I for one, has seen the love language can work in any situation. I have a nephew who like his cousins is usually urged at the end of his conversation with me to say “I love you”. I usually expect these reminders  whenever I speak to my…

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    Everyone Has a Tap

      I have been doing a series of teaching on a Bible character, Abraham. I do not know how familiar you are with his story but he sure teaches us a lot of things. While sharing with my girlfriend on the progress of my lesson, she shared her own experience as she tried to relate the story of Abraham to the 0-4 years old  class she teaches. So  God told Abraham to leave his father and mother and go to the land he will show him. But that is not nice, one of the youngsters objected, how can God say Abraham should leave his daddy and his mummy ? She…

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    Watching Closely

    I used to baby suit a  five year old girl whose parents were divorced. I had never met the mother but worked for the  father whose job as a  night club bouncer meant he had to make arrangements for the child during the contact weekends she had with him. This child was quite easy going and chatty. One of the days , we got into a conversation and she was telling me about how her mother’s car broke down and her father had driven to meet them where they were. He tried to sort out the ex-wife’s  car but eventually took his daughter and ex-wife  to where they were going.…

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