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    After Valentine’s Day 2

    I still remember the  first  Valentine cantered conversation I overheard .It was in a class in an A-level schooI attended in preparation for the university admission. So these two guys were talking about how the day went. One of them mentioned his girlfriend had come with a card and a present to wish him a happy day but he wanted something more and told her that  ,if she really  loved him, she should give him her body . I don’t know how my ears didn’t drop  but having grown up all my life in church ,my immediate conclusion was that she was going to get pregnant .I was appalled especially…

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    After Valentine’s Day

    So this week was Valentine and it was right in the middle of a working week. This was a valid excuse for not going out for me. Coupled with the fact that I enjoy relaxing after work at home. Well, one of the things I did was to scan social media as  knew there will be some pranks for the day and I was not disappointed. In short, the very first one was a tweet from one guy asking that people should kindly tweet till it got to the present consent. Meanwhile, his tweet was to one certain named fellow. not to buy the lie, his girlfriend named also would…

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    Finally, …what Men want 6

    Interestingly , there is just one more comment to report . “I wish that when we first got married Babe knew that a lot of her decisions were based on the perceived need to maintain a happy home look…” In this age of social media, there is a lot of pressure to keep up appearances. For example, say hubby is working on the monthly budgets and planning for investments to secure our future and yours truly (et moi) wants to dine at the newest restaurant in town which my friends are going to, so that I can update my status and let them know I’m still the Babe… Society has…

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    Stinging Love

    I know we are in the Love month and there has been so much on love and all those butterflies. Many partners have outshone each other in showing how much they really care and love. I wish I had my own example of this  but I would put my own story believing someone’ else would learn from my mistakes. When I first got married, I was a stay at home mum although not by choice. This position made me vulnerable and although I did not suffer any physical violence,  I was subject to emotional and financial abuse. And there was hardly anything I could do because I did not have…

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    Love for real

    It seems like the year is really running as I find it hard to believe that   the next thing on the agenda is St Valentine’s Day. Not everyone believes in celebrating Valentine though but that should not stop us from recognizing what the season or the day represents. Several people use this time to declare their love and I remember when I was in high school, one of my roommates had an anonymous Valentine card.Well, it actually seemed anonymous but as she peered and touched the card, she came across a small seal which she broke. It revealed the name of the sender.He was one of the quiet boys in…

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    Closer than you think

    The day has come and it could bring surprises, both pleasant and unpleasant . Some relationships will end today while  some will truly begin today . While I do not want to sound like a prophet of doom, the reality of the words you have just read is apt. Bit on the flip side, sometimes we are expecting love to be  mystical, all of a sudden  and filled with some kind of spooky .Having read so many romance novels and had our fair share of   romantic films, we want to cross seven rivers and climb seven mountains to find true love .The truth however is that  more often than not,…

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    Self-love & self-reboot

    It is February when ‘everyone’ is busy getting ready for Valentine – did you just say not everyone under your breath as you read this? Not to worry, I shall oblige you and substitute the word with the phrase ‘many people across the world’. Welcome to February 2023! Often termed the ‘month of love’, this second month of the year in the Julian calendar is originally from the word Februarius which is a Latin word that means ‘to purify’. The Romans reserved Februarius as the month of purification and cleansing holding the February celebrations every 15th Day of the month. Then along came Valentine’s Day on February 14th which celebrates…

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    Celebrating Manhood

    This week we will be celebrating the International Men’s Day and on our sister group, we had an Instagram Live talk discussing ” Celebrating Manhood”. Interestingly the guest was also unaware that there was a day for men known as the International Men’s Day .And he is not alone Iit is quite interesting the responses I got trying to remind people  in various WhatsApp groups I belong to. While I got some positive response from the women folk this year, re-echoing and advising that we should honour the men, some of the men folk voiced out their suspicion as to the agenda behind the International Men’s day . It was…

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    Lying Love

    I meet several people and have the privilege of listening to their stories. Sometimes my heart is so broken as I hear the pain in their voice as they recount details of a relationship where they taught love was a common factor. It baffles me sometimes when I wonder if we  actually remember those vows we made , if we meant to keep them or we  were just lying through our  teeth as we stood making vows we   did not intend to keep.Sometimes it is the pain of wondering if the love we experienced or claimed to give or receive  was a lie. I remember  listening  in on the conversation…

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    Celebrating You

    There are a lot of things that God has given us the ability to plan and carry out ourselves, but there are some things that God has left to His Sovereignty.  While we are aware that there are times and season for certain things to take place, the exact timing of most events in our lives is something only the Father knows.   I had a plan.  I knew when I wanted to get married and when I wanted to have children, taking into account my age and physical fitness.  I got married 4 years after my personal schedule, but I still wanted to wait a few months before starting…

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