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    How we met

    Love, Love, Love. February brings that word to focus like no other month. The celebration of love, the pain of love, the mystery and misery of love.  The wine, the chocolates, the flowers, the takeout, and sadly… the ‘nothing’.  And while some people may be trying to get out of the race, some are struggling to get in.  There are many ways to begin the journey to a lasting love relationship and some of those methods have changed or evolved over time amongst humans.  I say this because animals still use the same tried and tested routines. Most male mammals battle for the title of dominant male, which then earns them the right to…

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    The Journey 5

    As my Online dating  subscription proceeded, I seemed to be facing one issue after the other. The next one I encountered was the matter of age. Yes, so many people say it is just a number but is it really a number? I had been chatting with two of  the Irish guys who had contacted me earlier. OlderIrishGuy has had a very interesting life and was looking to get settled with a nice girl and have kids. As a world-renowned commitment-phobe, alarm bells immediately started ringing as soon as I saw that and I had to tell him the age-gap (~20 years) and distance between us would be a problem…

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    The Journey 4

    Just after I had spent money to register for this Online dating, my week became extremely busy. It’s typical really, you commit money to something and you immediately lose interest in it or find reasons not to use it.  When I finally did get online, I tried to respond to everyone who had contacted me. Not that I was particularly interested in some of them but just because I know how disappointing it could be to reach out and be ignored. It was my aim to be a blessing and to make things as nice enough for those who have been brave enough to wave…., however my resolve was sorely…

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    The Journey 3

    Well it has been a while but this site is so gifted with writers that it takes a while before it becomes my turn to write or do I say it becomes the turn for my article to be published . For those who missed the first two articles, you can check the post “The Journey 2 “ on June 19th. The Journey is about my experience in the search for love online.Yes ,you read right. Online. Why do people think it is wrong to find love online especially as the whole world is becoming a global village. I have been in Church pre Y2K  and post  Y2K and although…

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    The Journey 2

    Well like I said last time, this online thing appears to be the way forward and I am happy to say I got a date with that nice chap and was looking forward to it. Alleluyah I  did not sow in vain . However the date with the bloke didn’t happen as he turned up about half an hour late to the Southbank Centre. He did e-mail to say he was going to be late but half an hour, really? This lady had to leg it, especially as I really did have somewhere else to be later that day. And like how all good things finish just when you start…

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    The Journey

    Hi everyone ,Just like Gracillis said, I did do some online dating and did some journaling at that time.I just believe that the lessons I learnt will be of use to someone out there. Everytime I write,it will be under the theme “The Journey”,so enjoy the read”. It was not like I planned to join this time (I have in the past though but story for another day).This time I joined because I started feeling guilty as I had set a friend up for online dating  on this particular Christian  site.  I felt very bad that I did that to her (and with her picture too) so I signed up myself, to give…

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    For the sake of “The Journey”

    Dear Wonderful Readers, I really do apologize that we were unable to publish last week. We have been facing technology challenges but would be back on track. One of our writers went on a journey in this search for the “right one”. We would be sharing this but to keep the identity of the others involved, we would be using anonymous names. Wondering what it was? It is something we all do, we use it every time these days and most of all we do have gone digital. We buy online, eat online, make friends online and when it comes to dating online, don’t even go there! People are skeptical…

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