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    Two lines, then one line

    Talking about loss can be quite heavy on the tongue.  I don’t think anyone finds it particularly easy; whether it’s a Doctor delivering bad news, or a policewoman sent to tell the family, or a phone call from abroad, there is no convenient time to hear about a loved one dying.  Here’s a story telling of a unique kind of loss, one we try not to focus on a lot – mainly because it is a private matter – even though it hurts like any other. Two lines. That’s how we met.  I was sort of expecting to meet you, but you came a little earlier than planned.  I remember…

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    Are you pregnant?

    Sade had been married for eight years and was not looking forward to her husband’s birthday. She wished there would not be another family gathering or party. Unfortunately her husband did not understand .She confessed to my friend who was in her thirties and  still single  then that she envied her and wished they could exchange places .She told her “It is better to be single than to live like this, every time I walk into the room, I can feel all the eyes on my abdomen, expecting to see something”. I feel her.I know what it is to go somewhere and have everyone’s eyes on your fingers like ………

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    Marriage by Motherhood

     Not all marriages begin with “Will you marry me ?”. Some of them begin with “I don carry belle” (“I don carry belle” means I have an unplanned pregnancy)-Facebook Post by Godwin Tom-Lawyer (things that make you say chai )   Sometime ago, my elder brother (Godwin) put up the above post on Facebook (seriously almost all his posts are interesting and when I read it, it initially brought laughter. However, after the laughter, I thought about all the people that I have seen in the latter predicament who sadly had taken that path to save face immediately but actually had found themselves in terrible conditions later on in the long run. While we…

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    Conceived and Concealed

    Right from my childhood days, I had always envisaged being a mother. From all the baby dolls I had received as a child to taking care of my younger siblings and then taking care of some children of friends who married much earlier,I felt I had had enough practice and would excel at the real deal. Well, the problem with the real deal was marriage  was like a mirage for so many years and it took a while before I eventually got married. I was not overly worried about not having a baby immediately after I got married because I had had a dream where I was pregnant with twins.…

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    What to say…..

    There are a lot of things that God has given us the ability to plan and carry out ourselves, but there are some things that God has left to His Sovereignty.  While we are aware that there are times and season for certain things to take place, the exact timing of most events in our lives is something only the Father knows.   I had a plan.  I knew when I wanted to get married and when I wanted to have children, taking into account my age and physical fitness.  I got married 4 years after my personal schedule, but I still wanted to wait a few months before starting…

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