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    Happy New Year

    Our Dear Readers, Happy New Year to you.We are grateful to God for a new Year.Glad also that we all finally made it .It is the 5th day in the New Year and perhaps still plenty of time to write down our goals for the year. We as a team do have some goals for this year 2018 and with your help in spreading our message and work, we hope to serve humanity better .. Every Friday in 2017, the team at dishusbandmata worked hard to ensure that  there was a new story and post which was packed with lessons for all.We are really grateful for the time you take to read…

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    Just in case

    I met up recently with some friends who have been following this blog and one of them was particularly disturbed about the trend amongst some singles who find themselves in an undefined relationship with the opposite sex that goes on for ages. She advised me of how she had observed a friend (let’s call her Rose) be with a guy (let’s call him Joseph) for donkey years with nothing defined. Rose was known to all Joseph’s family. Joseph equally loved to spend time with her and they did everything people in a relationship would do without the commitment.  They continued for a number of years with Rose falling more and…

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    The Journey 4

    Just after I had spent money to register for this Online dating, my week became extremely busy. It’s typical really, you commit money to something and you immediately lose interest in it or find reasons not to use it.  When I finally did get online, I tried to respond to everyone who had contacted me. Not that I was particularly interested in some of them but just because I know how disappointing it could be to reach out and be ignored. It was my aim to be a blessing and to make things as nice enough for those who have been brave enough to wave…., however my resolve was sorely…

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    The Journey 3

    Well it has been a while but this site is so gifted with writers that it takes a while before it becomes my turn to write or do I say it becomes the turn for my article to be published . For those who missed the first two articles, you can check the post “The Journey 2 “ on June 19th. The Journey is about my experience in the search for love online.Yes ,you read right. Online. Why do people think it is wrong to find love online especially as the whole world is becoming a global village. I have been in Church pre Y2K  and post  Y2K and although…

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    Special Nothings

    As women, we always want to be relational and love to remember special dates, days, occasions and events. Somehow you will agree with me that most women  rather than men are more akin towards the remembrance of birthdays, special anniversaries and  several milestones  and that in itself is not bad. It is only when we begin to  use those dates as a yardstick for life transforming decisions that trouble becomes imminent.  Sometimes some single people seem to want to tie one of the most important decisions in their lives to a gamble of special occasions and numbers. Imagine how foolish it  would sound  if a friend  who is  waiting  to have  surgery tells  you…

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