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    My altar journey

    Diary Excerpt 1 :It really isn’t that easy, although everybody says it is.  This is getting too tricky for my liking.  Nothing could have prepared me for this but the pressure is serious.  Big sis always says don’t make your husband despise your family and don’t make your family despise your husband.  Really tricky!! I assumed that since dad is clergy and a really good marriage counsellor, my case should be pretty straight forward.  I forgot this would be new territory to him and his reactions are so foreign to me.  I don’t know this guy, cos this ain’t my Daddy! Diary Excerpt 2:  I haven’t written in a long while because a part of me…

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    That “other” Woman 3

    Bibiana continues her story here. Read the post below which is the start. ….It wasn’t like there were no ‘toasters’ but none felt right.  There was also to be a period of prayer before taking the plunge because I had established early on that I was not interested in playing field or trying my luck.  It’s got to be marriage minus the extended courtship. God is amazing, He gave me a  husband who believes in family and had had some experiences in his past which led him to believe the greatest thing a man can do is to jealously guard his family.  Having anyone on the side to him is…

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    I am your husband

    What a comment! I smile thinking about the few guys who introduced themselves to me in this way during my single days. It was enough for me to walk away laughing.  However, this little statement has had a different effect on me since I said ‘I DO’.Marriage is good – it really is, and I’ll defend and support getting married to the right person any day and anytime. However, God in His infinite wisdom has decided that we would not come to each other as perfect beings, but work together to achieve perfection in Him. The process is not a joke.   Three weeks after I got married my husband…

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    My hidden Pregnancy

      I was not overly worried about not having a baby immediately after I got married because I had had a revelation where I was pregnant with twins. Two years after marriage I was 40. I asked God for a 40th birthday present- my own baby. I missed my period and excitedly went for a test and it was positive, was quite happy. Some days later (Aunty Flow-the monthly visitor) showed up. I got confused   and then I went for another test and it came out negative. I decided to do a scan. The scan results showed I had ovarian cyst in one of my ovaries. I did the scan…

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    ‘Wedding Night’- “she” version

    Today is International Women’s Day and I  do wish every woman a great year ahead as we forge on with this year’s theme of Balance for Better. When   Gracillis asked for my article, I decided to write on something most women would relate to. Right from the time we are little girls, most girls play with dolls and practice home keeping. As we grow older, there is the societal pressure to get married, give birth to children and this can easily become ways some women define themselves. Society usually is kinder to the waiting mother to be than to the bride to be and as such, if there is any…

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    Odds against marriage

    Meeting someone you love is priceless.  The whole process of falling in love is lovely.  Your heart beats a little faster when you are around this person and you think ‘God, I can’t believe you created someone like this’ – He fits the bill perfectly.  When He gives you that someone with whom you genuinely enjoy living life together with.  If you are like me then the sweet feelings reach a crescendo with marriage preparations and then it’s your big day and you tie the knot.  The first few years are usually blissful!  If you start out without any abnormal negative outside influence, you generally think nothing/little of each other’s…

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    This Little Light

    There comes a time in the life of most women, when you tell yourself ‘This is it. I choose him’or ‘I accept him’, depending on how many proposals you get.  I wondered for many years how I would know the right choice to make. How do I choose one above all else, who is not Jesus?  People had asked me in the past, ‘What will he do, to prove he is ‘the one’?”  I really didn’t know the answer to that question and I told God not to tell me, but to show me, when the time was right. A friend gave me a message by a wonderful woman called…

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