Chronicles of Coronavirus

Our COVID -19 response

From its humble beginnings as an outbreak in Wuhan, China, the Coronavirus has evolved from an epidemic to a global pandemic. Every sector of our society has been affected and the consequences of the spread have affected both the living and the dead.

As part of the precautionary measures to curtail the spread of the virus, almost every nation is in the form of a  lockdown More than ever before, the huge responsibility lies on the media as a means of propagating correct information. This would serve to combat the spread of the virus as well as to reduce the anxiety and mental challenges misinformation can bring with the ultimate bane on our relationships.

The team at Dishusbandmata are also concerned that the uncertainty of the times with the associated stress does not exert a negative toll on our relationships. Since most of our work is done electronically, we are delighted to announce that there will be no disruptions to the weekly blog updates.

However, we have decided to halt our initially scheduled theme for the month of April (In-Laws, Ex-es & drama) to focus on stories that revolve around the current happenings.  This is in a bid to empower our readers with the right relationship skills and lessons to pull through this period successfully.

Unfortunately, several people are now operating on a survival mode that is just geared towards outliving the pandemic. All other goals have paled in comparison and life in itself appears to have been put on hold in a bid to join the chant of the unequivocal prayer of every living soul  “Let this be over “.

While this might be commendable, it is important that our response to the Coronavirus pandemic goes beyond getting to the Promised land. There was a life before COVID-19 came and there will be life after the pandemic. Experience has shown that the I will be happy when mentality shortchanges us of the blessings and lessons that can be learned from any current circumstances and as such, our admonition to our readers is to ensure that this time is used wisely, especially with a view to strategize and increase productivity as well as seeking to strengthen our relationships.

There would be a variety of angles  with which we will be tackling this in the coming weeks but because we believe in the power of correct information, we would like us all to keep ourselves updated on the Coronavirus by visiting the WHO website and for a layman’s explanation, the following link has been found useful

Secondly, we want to encourage everyone to keep an optimistic attitude. Worse than contracting the virus is being imprisoned by the fear that we or our loved ones will not make it.

Thirdly, due to the fact that flexibility is key to successful transitions, we all need to adapt to the changing situations irrespective of the magnitude of the disturbance it has poised on our previous routine. This calls for a reset in the “learning” and “unlearning” mode as well as making use of our innovative capabilities.

There is now a new normal for most people and failing to adjust accordingly will only bring stress into our relationships. It is better to communicate our expectations clearly as unmet expectations only lead to resentment. These communication lines should go beyond task-oriented activities and also make room for our loved ones to be able to share their feelings without being judged. While there may be several unasked questions, it is ok to truthfully respond that we do not know when asked, even by our children.

Fourthly, we must reminisce that keeping safe goes beyond physical measures such as the use of sanitizers, hand washes and maintaining a social distance.  It is imperative that we protect our mental health and those of the people around us. This may mean avoiding all the up to date breaking news as well as conspiration theories and it may also mean being cautious about the news we share. Before we press the forward or share button on our social media platforms, let us ensure that the information is true, necessary and helpful.

Fifthly, the need to maintain social distance should not stop us from fulfilling our social responsibilities. The whole pandemic has awakened in us all the fact that beyond all our paraphilia and status, we as human beings are all the same. This is a period to reach out to our loved ones and friends electronically as well as taking the time to lend a helping hand to the less privileged within our capability. One act of kindness can make a huge difference in the lives of those within our social network. We should bridge the social distance gap by keeping in touch.

Finally, you can be part of our response by sharing your experience and stories under the heading “The Chronicles of Corona” to

Dishusbandmata remains true to our vision to ensuring healthy relationships in this season and hope you will continue to remain safe, cool and collected because the  Coronavirus will be defeated.


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  • Kunle

    Thank you for your message and I really appreciate this audio version today’Coronavirus will surely be defeated.

  • Dedebubus mum

    Thanks for a great article. The news sites are full of bad news it’s hard to find distractions or other websites to go which have positive content. Staying away from the news and catching up at specific times sounds like the way forward for me.

  • Omowumi M Femi-Akinlosotu

    Thank you very much for this uplifting message! I also want to reiterate that more than anything, our mental well-being is paramount during this trying times. While maintaining the various forms of lockdown in our different cities, we should not forget that “this phase will surely pass”. One thing that has kept me going during this pandemic as well as maintaining my mental health is dreaming of those things I want to achieve in the nearest future. Let’s keep the fire burning!

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