• Racism & Rape

    Be the change

    I want to share some of my experiences as a black woman in the UK. I love the United Kingdom and I’m grateful for all the opportunities and experiences I’ve had in my time here. I’m also grateful and thankful for the majority of people who have shown me love in this great country and have accepted me as I am. So what I’m about to share is not to bring shame to this great country but to encourage the culture were we can openly talk about our experiences to bring about and facilitate change. I can’t claim to have experienced the magnitude of what we see going on in…

  • Resolutions/Change

    Path of no Return

       Earlier this year I contemplated doing something I said I would never do. In fact, this thing has been my one constant whenever I think about relationships for as long as I can remember. Now before I expose myself, I think a little context is required. There are two things I have always put my feet down about when it comes to relationships. First, not going back to an ex after breaking up. I just believe once it ends, it ends. That’s it. No point in trying to drag something on longer than it needs to be. And second, taking control of the situation to get what I want…

  • Marriage,  Timeless Stories

    Loving Against the Odds

    I know a lot of people who found maths to be one of the toughest challenges in life during high school.  It wasn’t so much that it was terrible, or all the teachers were horrible; it just presented challenges that the mind genuinely did not want to handle. Even numbers are beautiful! I gradually appreciated the usefulness of odd numbers until I met prime numbers. Does anyone remember being asked to find the square root of 13, or 19, or 97?  “Against the Odds” might sound like the title of a lovely romantic comedy, but when you have to love against the odds, and truly live through the process… Hmmm.…

  • Marriage,  Resolutions/Change,  Timeless Stories

    Stopping the Blame Game

    This has not been an easy article to write mainly because its not cool talking about mistakes and regrets.  I personally prefer to erase them from my history but alas, that’s not possible.  It is also not fun to talk about a painful experience when you are still suffering the effects of your mistake.  I have a list the length of my arm about all the things I blame my husband for.  And to be fair, he probably is to blame for more than half the list! But I also have to look at my faults and make plans to conquer temptation, when it comes knocking again. For example, my…

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