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    Shake It Off

      We’ve all done silly things we look back at and just shake our heads at. Most people know that breaking up is a hard process to go through. But it’s even harder when you need to decide if you should stay in touch with your ex after the breakup. This is where things get complicated. But remaining in each other’s lives makes moving on harder and slipping back very risky. Funny thing is, I was just talking to a girlfriend about this a couple of days ago. We were talking about our ex experiences, and I was remembering how my previous relationship ended amicably – which led me to…

  • By Gracilis,  Friendship

    Keeping it Real

      It is quite rare that I get the opportunity to write on this blog for two weeks consecutively. In as much as I love to write, I am plagued with mixed feelings as I would have to continue to recount some more relationship disasters but just like a little red can turn yellow orange and not the other way round, I am hoping that this recount will help someone else’s relationship for good.     Growing up, I found myself avoiding people who were given to emotional outbursts. I was sort of quiet and did not know how to be vocally intensive especially on the spot. What I lacked…

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