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    Me,a Daddy’s girl?

    The month of June is here again and I look back to two years ago, when we could not celebrate Mother’s Day as usual and even the Father’s Day in June was met with mixed reactions. Although there were changes in the Lockdown rules, people could not really visit their father’s without thinking about putting them at risk. I am happy that we have the pandemic behind us now and hopefully visits to our Fathers in this month of June will be back to normal. But normal for me means I would not be paying my father a visit although let me admit, that the thought crossed my mind. I…

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    The things I never told my Mother

    Growing up for me was blissful. I had a father who would listen,  empower  and reinforce to me the fact that God fearfully and wonderfully created me. Daddy told me daily how I could be anything I wanted to be. You see, my daddy was 30 years older than my mother. He was better educated in “terms of certificates” than her and he was a greatly travelled gentleman. My mother on the flip side, was only a standard six certificate  holder, from  a more humble background but “a very intelligent woman” without the glory of “many paper certificates”.  By virtue of the gap in their background, my mother’s mantra was…

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