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    Frenemies 2

    After last week’s article on Frenemies, I got feedback from people that showed that it was something that resonated with them . As I thought about the sequalae, and what next to write, I suddenly remembered what a friend once told me about her dad. We were talking about something and the name of a government official came up. This man was among the first five men ruling the country at that time. She shocked me when she said   “that man was my dad’s friend. He used to visit our house”. I was really surprised that they knew such an influential person in the corridors of power and before I…

  • Attitude,  Friendship

    Wisdom Of Compromise

      “Learn the wisdom of compromise, for it is better to bend a little than to break.” Jane Wells I came across this quote this past week and it kind of struck a cord with me. I mean on the surface it makes complete sense; you compromise a little and everyone is happy. But when we really think about it, what does compromise actually entail? I think we need to take a step and understand a few things before we can even think about compromising. Those things are preferences (a greater liking for an alternative over another) and prerequisites (core values that are the foundation).When we can differentiate between these…

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