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    Really Thinking

      Whenever we read an autobiography, one of the things that is noticeable is that it is not the day to day activities of the people’s lives that are written down rather it is the significant events in their lives that we read about and the word significant in a good autobiography does not necessarily mean  “good.” Sometimes events are unfolded and recounted, which  may to a reader seem common or trivial however the significance of the events recorded is at the sole discretion of the author.   And so coming to the last  Friday of the year, I will not attempt to give a rundown commentary of the year…

  • Relationship skills

    Right Response

    It was my birthday. I had a party  and several friends were invited. It was not that I had many friends but they all tried to turn up. Most of them managed to address birthday cards to me. In those days, that in itself was expensive.There were some cards that I had duplicates and triplicates but  I got very few presents amongst which  was a  little A5 sized plaque that was framed that my brother gave me. I was disappointed at the scarcity of presents as I  expected to have received more. After all , I had thrown a party and fed people for free. I will tell you straightaway…

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    THANKS – a giving

      It is already a  few more weeks to the end of the year and the temptation to start winding down and postponing some of our dreams to the very next year is real. It seems safer and far less disappointing to dream that the issues we have will be resolved in another cycle of 365 days than in the next 24 days . Whenever we come to this time of the year also, it seems most of the articles we come across are focused on Thanksgiving which we very often begrudge as we participate  But the general essence of Thanksgiving is not just another tick box exercise in our…

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    Going Forward

      Here we are , at the last quarter of the year and if you are like me, some of my thoughts are where did the year got. It wasnt long I was buying Christmas cards in January against a December which seemed so far away then . Getting into the last segment of the year has been quite overwhelming as one looks at the challenges encountered in the previous three quarters, If there was anything that made the last quarter quite memorable was the fact that it was a time of some sober  reflections as the news of the departure of some people reached our ears.  One of my friends…

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