• By Gracilis,  Relationship skills

    Little necessary words

    I have quickly had to start writing another post as I discovered that I did not have access to the article I had already written.I did not want to start all over again and it was with great hesitancy I began to write another piece, By the time I actually started and had won the mind game, I began to wonder how many times we all actually refuse to do something new because we are stuck with the familiar or do I say, how many times do we actually fail at our new year resolutions because we have undermined the power of habit and the familiar.]   Even in our…

  • Attitude,  By Gracilis

    Unusual List

    One of the vague phrases that has been flying around for weeks is “I can’t believe it is December already” . I am sometimes at a loss of what people really mean when they say this. Did the days just  fly or is it a matter of regret over the year or a sigh of resignation of hope?It seems most times the latter is the case. For some the year went too quickly, for others, they really wished it had turned out differently while for yet another group, there actually has been no change and  irrespective of the group you belong to ,as the year begins to wind down we all…

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