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    Did I say that ?

       We called it a social gathering/nite . It held at least once a term. All the students usually participated on a Saturday night. There was dance, drama, quiz, debates and games. It was our own way of getting together. Every class came Sometimes people were put on the spot.  On one of those days of our social nights out when I was still in a very junior class,  still in my boarding school, a female  senior student was brought out and one of my female  classmates (was also brought out) and then the MC asked my classmate to say something about the senior. I am not too sure she…

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    Home Truths (1)

    Last Christmas I came across a  list written  by one of my colleagues, it was notthat I was being nosy ,the notebook where she had written the list was somehow different and open , so caught my  attention naturally.Her list was something like thisDad  £200 Mum £200  sibling £200Boyfriend  £500I knew he was the one because I had heard her mention his name severally.Well I laughed over the list as I believe it was a reflection of where her investments lay….the future probably with her boyfriend .She did not need to earn points with her parents or siblings.If we all perhaps make our own list like hers, I guarantee it might be…

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