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The Journey 2

Well like I said last time, this online thing appears to be the way forward and I am happy to say I got a date with that nice chap and was looking forward to it. Alleluyah I  did not sow in vain .
However the date with the bloke didn’t happen as he turned up about half an hour late to the Southbank Centre. He did e-mail to say he was going to be late but half an hour, really? This lady had to leg it, especially as I really did have somewhere else to be later that day. And like how all good things finish just when you start enjoying yourself, my trial period finally came to an end almost unceremoniously but with lessons I would share with you.
There are nutters everywhere and just because it is a Christian site does not eliminate that fact (after all, Judas was among the twelve). It may be a Christian site you intend to try or are using but I guarantee you, there are nutters there, so hold your wits together.
If you have really bad self-esteem DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT try to initiate contact with people on online dating sites. As a girl, with ok-ish (well, exceptional really, no point in being modest) looks, you don’t expect to be ignored when you wave at someone or send a hopeful email to a bloke who’s caught your eye. It’s even worse when you get ignored by ‘brothers’. If the people in church won’t even talk to you, the whole unequally yoked thing becomes a big nightmare and before you know, the devil may begin to suggest your options are few
Finally, I believe you learn a lot from people’s interactions on the public forums/boards – a lot more than you would by just looking at their profile. Case in point, there’s this guy, I’ll call him YoungLookingGuy, whose profile seemed pretty normal at first glance although I found it a bit odd that he kept going on about looking younger than he is. Well, turns out that he’s a prolific poster on the forum and he’s not nice or normal at all on there – he actually called one of the girls a cheeky mare in one thread. Sacre bleu!
Well for now, I will say if you want to do Online Dating, be wise, don’t believe everything people say on their profile .You need that serpent mentality Jesus talked about. It’s a NEED,not a want!
More of “The Journey “to come,
 the Online Babe


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