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The Journey 3

Well it has been a while but this site is so gifted with writers that it takes a while before it becomes my turn to write or do I say it becomes the turn for my article to be published . For those who missed the first two articles, you can check the post “The Journey 2 “ on June 19th. The Journey is about my experience in the search for love online.Yes ,you read right. Online. Why do people think it is wrong to find love online especially as the whole world is becoming a global village. I have been in Church pre Y2K  and post  Y2K and although I have heard several questions asked in Church or Christian gatherings, I am yet to hear one on if it is ok to buy things online. If we can buy things online including food, clothes, houses or even find a professional online,why can’t we do the ultimate search also online but I would leave this argument in the cooler for today.
Well, as  my subscription progressed  ,I began to see why some brothers find it hard to find dates. There was this particular guy I met whom I would prefer to call “Mouse Quiet Guy” which went as follows  

Him: Hi, how are you?
Me: I’m good thanks, yourself?
Him: Tired
Me: How so?
Him: Busy day at work
Me: OK
Him: I hope I can chat to you again next time
The second conversation was exactly the same, I swear, ending with him saying he hopes he can chat with me again. Chat? We haven’t even said anything yet! If you can’t talk to someone behind a computer screen, what chance have you got in person? This is a lot harder than I thought it would be and less fun!
My friend’s trial period came to an end eventually and since I joined the Online dating site to support her, mine was supposed to come to an end. So theoretically, I have no real reason to stay on the site as my main aim had been achieved already but something, quite possibly the very real sadness that a lot of Christian guys really do not know how to communicate with women, made me bring out my purse and pay up for a full subscription for a 3 month period. I’m altruistic like that you see.

So I became a fully paid up member and declared that the devourer would not steal from me but honestly speaking, I did not really think I would find love but a little distraction in my life was needed especially with all the stuff that was going on at work and at home. I also love the public forums  as I believe it is a fantastic chance to interact with a community of Christians outside my church. I would definitely share my lessons with you in the next post(I have had to break it into two so it does not become so long a letter!

The Online Babe
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