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The Journey

Hi everyone ,Just like Gracillis said, I did do some online dating and did some journaling at that time.I just believe that the lessons I learnt will be of use to someone out there. Everytime I write,it will be under the theme “The Journey”,so enjoy the read”.
It was not like I planned to join this time (I have in the past though but story for another day).This time I joined because I started feeling guilty as I had set a friend up for online dating  on this particular Christian  site.  I felt very bad that I did that to her (and with her picture too) so I signed up myself, to give her moral support you see. Now, I’m no stranger to online dating having spent a couple of weeks on e-harmony and fusion100 during a very low point in my life so I’d been there, done that and worn the t-shirt and the only reason I did this was because I wanted to make sure my friend was ok – I couldn’t very well have her ending up dead in a dark alley somewhere because she went on a date with some psycho she met online via the profile I set up for her – my conscience couldn’t deal with that.
So free trial profile set up, picture from 2 years ago that looks nothing like what I was when  uploaded (I had  done online dating before, trust me this is pretty much customary) all that was left I thought to myself  was to relax and  wait for all the brothers to come knocking, I mean, who could resist that lovely smile. 5, 10, 50 minutes, 1 hour later – nada. Not even a half wink. It was depressing!
 But things  definitely looked better when I got emails the next day from the site saying I’d been waved at by a few people. Being the nice person I am, I went back and waved at them all and a really nice chap started  an e-mail conversation with me which after a couple of days led to him asking me out on a date for a face to face meeting. Thumbs up, seriously this  online thing could definitely  be the way forward .
Watch out for more of “ The Journey

Buchithe Online Babe,
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