Attitude,  Chronicles of Coronavirus

The Selfless Zone

Lockdown = Selflessness Of Faith = Me + You + Us

COVID 19 came on Earth and our World changed.

Mecca is empty….St. Peter’s Basilica is a ghost town.

New York has slept, people have run away from the runways in Milan and London .

Lagos human traffick has halted while Abuja grinds to a halt.

Our humanity has never been more shared than the times we are in. Never have all men and women suddenly become more palpably equal. Status and class are gone with the wind…as we all grapple with the COVID 19 virus reality.

Prime ministers, the homeless, the rich, the poor, people of all gender, race, age, and religion – we are all affected one way or the other.

What can we do to help us? What can I do to help you? What can I do to help me?

Simple, me must become our most selfless selves to rescue our world.

Every religion teaches love and selflessness.
Lockdown = Selflessness

The evidence is that we need someone somewhere to move this virus from point A to B or from person X to Z.

So it means, if I adhere to the lockdown and social distancing rule, I am giving my fellow humans the best present this season. So I should be happy and not moan that I am staying in my home obeying lockdown rules of the land I find my self at this time.

Granted, countries need to adapt and locally modify the lockdown system that works for them. Interventions need to be domesticated and owned by the people for it to be effective. Whereas a complete closure of every facility and no movement at all may be feasible in resource-rich nations; many may die of hunger even before the COVID 19 kills them in poorer resource nations. So we all need to think out of the box to find out what works best for our communities at these times.

At all levels, to think out of the box, we require selflessness. We need to put other people first so that together we can save our world.

It is difficult to adhere to rules. Humans are made to be free and not restricted.

However, think about it, whenever has selflessness been easy?

Think about the less privileged amongst us….as we keep off, we must strike a balance and keep up! Recently, a woman in Nigeria shared airtime to the tune of a hundred thousand to many people she thought could not afford it this period so they can still communicate with loved ones from a distance.

She is keeping off, obeying the lockdown yet, she is keeping up….ensuring those around her do not lack. Making sure they are able to interact with others, preserve their mental health, and not suffer from loneliness.

Self-isolation = Selflessness

If you have come back from any trip abroad or been in contact with confirmed or suspected cases of COVID-19, self-isolate and give the truthful history to the care providers. Your own family and friends are at most risk of your selfishness if you choose to go about as nothing happened.

Do not make your healthcare providers sick or kill them by withholding the right information and doing the wrong thing.

So, to help me this period, to help us and to help humanity, we need to practice the teachings of any  Faith we belong to which is:

Selflessness = Staying in our space = Finding ways to enjoy our space = Finding ways to keep up with others as we keep off = Not moving the virus from point A to B

Be happy and project positivity from your personal zone. The picture is one of me enjoying personal space without losing sight of those around me.

Take the ‘fish’ out of selfish, add less to self to enable you to offer ‘fish’ to others. Let’s all lose ourselves to find us.

Spending my time selflessly by myself, in my own space to ensure others are kept safe! Find your selfless zone today….I found mine.

© Loretta Oduware Ogboro-Okor (Author of the book MY FATHER’S DAUGHTER and Chief Editor Loretta Reveals  writes from Sheffield, United Kingdom

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